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Do you really want 'business as usual'?

With most of the country getting back to some sort of normality in coming weeks, businesses like yours are preparing for what is promising to be (if the BoE are to be believed) a rebound in activity and economic growth. After a deep recession and months of decline, even the 7% or so Mr Bailey is forecasting wont quite bring us back to where we were 2 years ago. No matter. With a year of complete turmoil our businesses need to get back, busy and booming to make up for lost time.

So what are you going to do differently this time around?

The ‘great reset’, ‘build back better’, whatever slogan or buzzword you want to use we know about the inevitable changes to working from home and social distancing measures that may be required, but what are you going to change that you should have long before CV hit? I’m referring to the repeated problems SMEs often have like outstanding debtors; staffing challenges; perhaps it’s winning more work – we all yearn you go back to normality, but is this normality productive enough? Can the restart be a perfect opportunity to finally deal with the business problems you’ve been having for months and possibly years?

Some things never change

It’s really easy to stick with what we know and to be distracted with a million and one other things. We are bound to have the CV cropping up daily in meetings, chats and phone calls, but it need not dominate our lives nor should it divert attention from making whatever changes are needed. Many of the biggest challenges SMEs face is not at the time of them treading water, but at times of growth. Companies we work with seem to have the biggest difficulties and pain when they become busy and the things they ‘were planning to get to’ never get resolved and this simply compounds the problem.

This is where Hascombes can really help. We can health check your business or department and audit the findings and give recommendations on changes or improvements. It’s not a long term commitment, nor does it need to be overly invasive. It’s quick, current and delivered in such a way as to be useful and actionable. We can help you implement changes if you want us to or you can manage the process yourself. It’s entirely up to you. Whatever business you are in, there is help at hand that wont cost the earth and which is likely to make your path to growth all the more easier. Call, email or send us a WhatApp to see how we might be able to help.

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