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Who we are


We are a team of individuals who like you have undertaken various senior management or leadership roles and who understand the struggles and a challenges this presents from time to time. 

We hate to see wasted talent or opportunity and also believe that anybody can improve their leadership or management skills given the right input, support and encouragement. 

Everything we do is deigned to be simple and easy to follow. We loathe jargon for the sake of it and dislike mountains of spreadsheets and paperwork. Our input is practical, relevant and will leave you with strategies that are right for you and your situation.


What they say about us

I have worked with and sought advice from Stas for over 10 Years. I have also found his advise insightful, honest and frank. In an industry with so many “Talking Heads” I find this refreshing and I continue to draw on Stas' wealth of experience and knowledge.  J. Scott, J Scott & Associates

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