Our Vision

We hear from our friends, colleagues perhaps even strangers, how they long to find direction or need some help in getting over an obstacle blocking their path. It's difficult to know where to turn to or how to go about finding the right person or team to help you take the next logical steps with your business or career.


Our aim is to make this a simple process. One that you have control over and one that you decide how long it lasts. 

Sometimes it takes an outsiders' vantage point to enable us find and fix faults. To see the things we can't. To make us realise that with some help, we can achieve anything.

Stas Lawicki


Having been in business for nearly 20 years I know what it is like to have the burden of running a corporate business. I also know how it feels to run one's own business and that juggling various roles at one go can be stressful and sometimes unrewarding. 

There are so many great people and business leaders out there who are excellent at what they do, but for some reason or another hit a brick wall when it comes to certain aspects of running a business or leading a team. 

I have a great team of consultants from a variety of sectors who can help me deliver specialist services if and when needed. I also have a mentor and undertake various training and development programmes of my own to ensure my help is relevant and provides value for money.

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