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Hascombes Management Audits

Get an unbiased and expert opinion on how your business and people are performing




You can't fix a problem without first understanding what that problem is.


Being in the middle of running a busy department or business can mean that you may not be completely aware of what is happening on every level. This could be understanding the internal culture of your business, perhaps its more process and procedural difficulties that you are failing to overcome. Getting a management audit (not financial) can provide real insight and clarity on the health of your business. Measuring the pre-agreed metrics means our reports are quick, relevant, easy to understand and importantly, provide a starting point for implementing changes.

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Our guarantee.

  • No minimum contract periods.

  • We won't try and sell you anything you don't need or want.

  • You get us, in person or on the phone, when you need us.

  • The first meeting is on us, with no obligation or commitment.

This is how we do it

We typically carry out a phased process that is highlighted below. Of course, this might not always be appropriate for the task at hand so we are happy to tailor this approach to suit you - just tell us what you need.


We will spend some time with you and your business, department or team to assess strengths and areas that need improving. This often includes reviewing management info, interviewing and other methods.



Having spent some time in your business, we will write a jargon-free report highlighting our findings. Included in the report will be clear remedies, suggestions and ideas to help get things back on track. Where more fundemental changes are erquired, we will provide a proposal outlining next steps. We can also provide this as a presentation if you wish.


Furnished with the details, we can either take a formal leading role in the change process (as Change Manager), or take an advisory role and support you and your team in driving the changes yourself. In either event we want make sure your changes are implemented correctly, are effective, and long lasting.

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