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4 quick tips on Change Management

Making changes in any organisation can be tricky. There are so many factors to consider, perhaps none more important than people and their change experience/personal circumstances. A couple of things to consider:


1) Some people will support your initiative because they can see the change needed as well as anybody else – but don’t expect them to stay on the same page throughout, engage and involve them regularly

2) Some people will be anxious about any change and see it as a threat to them and their position – engage early, be prepared to put in extra time and resources to reassure them but also keep them updated, supporting them in the direction ahead

3) Some people will never change and despite your best efforts, time and comms, they will get left behind – there is little you can do to placate everybody and sometimes the change is beyond the capability of some. There is always going to be a possibility of a reshuffle (most of the time, this is a necessary process and is much needed). Expect it and move on – don’t alter your course

4) Some people will do everything they can to put you off the changes needed – ‘we’ve tried, it didn’t work’, ‘people won’t change’, ‘other consultants have tried and failed, you will too’ – these are some of the excuses I’ve heard over the last few years. Well, yes, some might be accurate, but that doesn’t mean a failure in the past means a failure in the future. Learning from the mistakes and failures of previous initiatives is all part of the process.

Taking a measured approach to the challenge, engaging early, creating quick wins and a clear pathway all helps. Getting the right people involved in the process can also add real weight and impetus – side-line the nay sayers…

To find out more or get some further tips, message me.

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