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The Stevenson/Farmer Thriving at Work report commissioned by the government in 2017 highlighted the challenge of poor mental health in the workplace. Mental health is an integral part of our wellbeing determining how we feel about ourselves and our jobs, how we perform and how we work productively with others. 

There are many causes of poor mental health within the construction and property industry. The sad fact is the industry also has the highest instances of suicide above almost every other sector. 

Awareness levels have been raised and many interventions to address the challenge now exist. We are not aiming to provide cures, however. We are unashamedly about prevention.

Prevention is the key. At best poor culture and pastoral practices result in a lack of productivity. At worst it creates a toxic environment that destroys lives through poor mental health, holding individuals and businesses back from their full potential. We believe bringing people together; engendering a culture of mutual respect; giving people the freedom and support to be the best version of themselves.

This is our mission. We want to help businesses and leaders unlock the potential within their people by providing a number of programmes and experiences that not only improve the prospects and wellbeing of people, it will provide a positive stimulus to the bottom line.

The challenge in numbers*

The number of people with long-term mental health problems  leaving employers each year 

The cost to the UK economy as a whole in dealing with the effects of poor mental health

The number of sick days taken in 17/18 due to poor mental health and wellbeing at work

The maximum cost to businesses, per employee, per annum (regardless of known MH conditions)

* credit Stevenson Farmer Thriving at Work

Prevention is better than cure 

We don't do 'off the shelf', instead we work with individuals and organisations to arrive at a holistic programme that suits them, the specific challenges they face and their overall business objectives. 


For anything specialist or clinical we have  an extensive partner network whom we can introduce you to where required.

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