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We have seen and experienced for ourselves the tangible effects of poor mental health on people and businesses. In many instances the suffering of individuals and those around them could have been prevented.


Because a lot of the time those experiencing difficulties are often too ashamed, embarrassed, scared or afraid to speak up for themselves.  Creating the right culture  and environment will allow them to engage and seek help.


Most companies have no plan nor are they equipped to tackle this challenge alone. With a little help it is possible for any business, of any size, to make positive changes that will benefit everybody - including shareholders.


Anybody at anytime can suffer from poor mental health – and most likely will at some point in their lives. By being prepared we can equip ourselves with the tools necessary to face that challenge head-on. Training leaders of today and tomorrow will ensure positive uptake in the future.


Having a mental health condition is not a life sentence, most can be treated and many managed effectively through a variety of measures. Sufferers can and do, function at a high-level when supported correctly.


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