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Interview with Hascombes' Director, Stas Lawicki on Entrepreneurship (Bizme online)

Hascombes Business Consultants

This entrepreneur runs a successful consulting firm. But it took years of experience, multiple challenges and a failed business to get to where he is now. Learn what inspires him, how he stays motivated and the universal business truths he passes on to clients.

After starting and running two businesses—one a success, one a failure—Stas Lawicki had in-depth knowledge of how exhilarating, and exhausting, being an entrepreneur was. That understanding sparked the idea for his third company, Hascombes, a business management consulting firm that helps small- and medium-size businesses overcome the plethora of challenges that crop up when starting something from nothing.

He explains, “I help talented people get the best out of running their businesses when they don’t have the experience or confidence to do it on their own. We get as involved in the day-to-day running of the business as is required and physically DO rather than just guide.”

With his experience in management, business and startups, Lawicki easily could have targeted big-name clients and entrepreneurs with deep pockets. But frankly, he has little interest in those demographics—he knows that businesses developed and run without passion or inspiration sputter and fail quickly. “I am inspired by those who are brilliant at what they do and who have managed to make positive changes or impacts through hard work, determination and courage. I can’t say I am a subscriber to the trust-fund, billionaire entrepreneurs who we see scattered all over the media proclaiming to have done it all without any funding or help! Making something of nothing is inspiring,” he says.

But just like the clients he works with, Lawicki faces his fair share of challenges as well. All of which vary day to day. “It might be cash flow today, confidence being rattled the next and by the end of the week, it might be trying to come up with a new campaign to win more clients,” he explains. Yet like every successful person before him, he uses those challenges as motivation rather than deterrents: “This, for me, is part of the reason why I love doing what I do. Every day is different and every challenge is something to learn from and work with. Running my own business has taught me lessons that I could only dream of as a senior manager in the corporate world.”

How does he manage to maintain positivity after a long day? “The key is to remember all the things I have now (freedom, autonomy, no boss, a huge learning opportunity, etc.) versus working for a corporate paymaster who I dislike or have no respect for. I make 10% of what I used to, but I am 100% happier with my working life. Remembering this when I am able to spend time with my new family or get a good report from a client makes the struggles insignificant.”

With Lawicki at the helm, Hascombes continues to grow right alongside its clients. And while the brand specializes in offering personalized, targeted strategies and advice to its customers, Lawicki also has solid guidance for entrepreneurs across all industries. On the professional front, he urges that everyone protect themselves from being taken advantage of: “Be very careful who you choose to go into business with and never replace a contract with a ‘friendly agreement.’ In business, everything should have a contract to protect you and your partners.”

Perhaps his best advice, though, is on dealing with the financial stress and emotional strain starting and running a new business inflicts. “Life is not fair—nobody ever said it should be. Some people are lucky and get ahead in the world and in business. Lots fail. It can be lonely at times so when the dark days of winter come and you are stuck in your home office—with no sales, bills and pressure to find work—remember why you did this. And that staying in the game is as much about the battle as anything else. You never know how close you are from a new contract or client—it might be that they come in the day after you quit,” he states.

Hascombes works with brands across the U.K. and Europe.

If you’re interested in working with Lawicki, or just learning more about this entrepreneur, head over to or follow the brand on Twitter.

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