Mental health & well being at work

If there is one thing that businesses need to focus on the most, it's the mental health and wellbeing of its people. Not just those at the bottom of the ladder, but those at the top of it too. It's a problem that is costing the UK economy upwards of £270m a day. It's also the reason why 300,000 people each year are leaving employers and which resulted in some 15million days of leave taken in 2017/18. 

It is only getting worse. It will continue to do so until businesses and leaders approach the problem with an array of actions that will prevent the workplace being the main cause of poor mental health and wellbeing. Effective intervention in this area is shown to yield a 4:1 ROI.

Maintaining a mentally 'fit' workforce brings so many benefits to the individuals and the business, its clients and customers and indeed its shareholders.  There can be no reason not to do something about ensuring positive mental health & wellbeing.

Hascombes has a number of different workshops and programmes that can be tailored specifically to you and your organisation. These include:

  • An introduction to the subject of Mental Health at work.

  • Leadership training - with a specific emphasis on the importance of behaviour and culture leaders exhibit and set to prevent the prevalence of poor wellbeing and mental health at work.

  • Mental Health First Aid training (MHFA).

  • Assisting you and your organisation in creating a policy framework.

Mental Health at work

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