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Hascombes Interim Management

Temporary Executive level support 



Interim Management is the provision for exec or senior level personnel to manage a change or particular problem on a time or project limited basis. It can be a cost effective and manageable way for businesses to tackle unforeseen challenges or to get the help they need, when they need it. 

Our interim managers are experienced executive level individuals who have a wealth of experience across numerous sectors. Added to that they have undertaken a learning pathway and accreditation process that can include attainting a minimum of CIPD or CMI Level 5 and above, and achieving Chartered Manager status.

We can provide quick, hassle-free senior level management into your business when you need it.

There are other benefits to interim management too, including:

  • Saving time and recruitment costs

  • Adds immediate skill and expertise to a business or team

  • Not only advises on, but implements and manages necessary changes 

  • Is fully accountable to you and works closely with existing members and teams

  • Is on a time or project bound contract, giving you full control over their appointment

​To find out more or talk to us about your management need, get in touch here 

Our guarantee.

  • No minimum contract periods.

  • We won't try and sell you anything you don't need or want.

  • You get us, in person or on the phone, when you need us.

  • The first meeting is on us, with no obligation or commitment.


In addition to the above, we offer a number of other consulting and business management services.  Some might be complex, some less so, but no matter our input, as a client you have full control over when and how often you need us. We don't do minimum contracts or try and sell you any third-party product or services. Instead we give you what you need, when you need it. 

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