02. Business Troubleshooting

Finding & Fixing Problems

Running a business or large department can be fraught with problems and difficulties that prevent from it reaching it's potential. Sometimes it is almost impossible to identify where and how these problems manifest themselves when you are in the middle of it all. Free from any preconceived ideas or expectations, we delve into the business and objectively observe what is going on, providing you a useful report on our findings. 

Unlike pure coaching, we can (and often do) get involved in the implementing and driving the changes needed. This is normally executed on a job or project basis.

Problems can be varied but we typically help tackle;

  • Staffing - recruitment; interviews; goal & target setting; training & development; mentoring and leadership workshops; motivation and wellbeing.

  • New Business - documentation reviews; general branding or marketing strategies; pitch and presentation training; marketing output. 

  • Interim Management - time limited management services.

  • Specialist consulting - we work with a number of different specialists in a variety of areas and specialisms, if we cannot help directly ourselves, it is likely we will know somebody who can.

"Hascombes has provided a valuable service to Lees Associates, advising on commercial and business development activities in a consultancy capacity. His experience and insight into a range of matters has enabled us to initiate a number of commercial strategies, which we are already seeing the benefits of. Stas’ outsider’s perspective and ability to remain focused on the big picture while dealing with specific issues were particularly appreciated. He leaves us in a much stronger position than when he joined us'" A.Paulson - Managing Partner, Lees Associates LLP

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