Business and department management

Running a business or large department can be fraught with problems and difficulties that prevent from it reaching it's potential. Sometimes it is almost impossible to identify where and how these problems manifest themselves when you are in the middle of it all. Free from any preconceived ideas or expectations, we delve into the business and objectively observe what is going on, providing you a useful route to remedying any problems.

Problems can be varied but we typically help tackle;

  • Management and process audits- with remedial guidelines and corrective methods

  • People and staffing - training needs analysis (TNA), recruitment, onboarding, appraisal and performance management/personal improvement programmes (PIPs)

  • Interim management - mid to senior level management services on a limited contract basis

  • Budgeting and P&L - we can help you identify where departmental or company wide savings could be found whilst also helping you control your costs

Hascombes Business Support

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