01. 1:1 Coaching

Coaching that you control

You might be a business owner or a mid to senior level Executive seeking the logical next steps in your career, but feel something is holding you back. It might not be you, it might be a colleague, staff member or perhaps even a loved one who requires a slightly different approach to over coming a problem. This is what our 1:1 coaching is about.

We can help you to;

  • Define your strengths & weaknesses, helping you overcome whatever it is holding you back.

  • Help you identify what is truly important in your life and work towards ensuring these are at the forefront of it.

  • Boost your self-confidence and self-esteem. 

  • Choose a career path or job that suits your values and strengths. 

  • Support you whilst you start and grow your own business.

  • Provide practical help whenever you need it.​

  • Do whatever it takes to get the outcome you want and deserve.

  • Provide specific coaching for specific outcomes such as preparing for pitches, presentations or public speaking.

  • Make you happy.

"Hascombes has provided a valuable service to Lees Associates, advising on commercial and business development activities in a consultancy capacity. His experience and insight into a range of matters has enabled us to initiate a number of commercial strategies, which we are already seeing the benefits of. Stas’ outsider’s perspective and ability to remain focused on the big picture while dealing with specific issues were particularly appreciated. He leaves us in a much stronger position than when he joined us'" A.Paulson - Managing Partner, Lees Associates LLP

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